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Twelve Beverage

Twelve Beverage was a New York, US-based company that launched a variety of 12NtM Sparkling Beverages, which were Pronto, Rouge, and Blanc.

The bottles were packaged in 6.3-ounce frosted bottles. The 100% natural refreshments included no sugars and provided just 60 calories, or under, in each 8-ounce serving.

Blanc was a citrus ginger mixture containing cardamom, herbs, seasonings and a mix of 3 teas. Rouge was a crisp blend of zesty pomegranate, blackcurrant, bergamot, juniper berry, natural herbs, spices and three various tea leaves. Pronto was a shimmering coffee beverage made with Arabica coffee beans as well as dashes of hickory and pineapple. Including 34 calories each 187ml serving, Pronto includes flavour accents of chipotle, vanilla and cumin.

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5 Ways To Host A Great Dinner Individual Or Event

There are many "Do's & Don'ts" of a dinner party, but we'll focus of five do's in this post. It's a special feeling when you get to the half-way point of a great and memorable dinner party. Your companion that invited you somehow manages to make it so you don't want to leave even though you've been there for hours. And what is even more impressive is that the last party was just as entertaining. You try to understand how the hosts, your friends, keep delivering, but you just can't quite figure it out. Perhaps it was the food, or the soft lighting, or maybe the guests they were able to get to attend. Was it the food, the lighting, or the people? On the drive home you realize that you didn't even take your phone out and text, and you cannot remember the last time you were that engaged to forget to check your phone.

A true mark of a great host is subtlety. You don't even notice that you're extremely comfortable and enjoying yourself until you stop and think about it. Let's crack the code on this by starting at the end and working our way back on the best ways to host a dinner party that you and everyone else will remember and enjoy.

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So that was a bonus, let's move on to the 5 points!

1) You should feel entirely comfortable and loosened up.

Once the evening starts and you are mingling, the guests should be engaging in wonderful conversation; no obligations, just interesting conversation. You might also be dancing, and it's not even necessarily from the alcoholic beverages, you're just being spontaneous because of the overall ambiance of the party.

Depending on the type of party or event, you may want to think about employing a security guard company such as Sphinx Security Services San Francisco for the night. Just one or two security guards should be fine depending on the amount of guests you have.

Let's dig into how your host manages to pull this off: It begins with the basics, like making certain your house is tidy as well as having the right music for the specific occasion. After that, it's about making sure the tiny details are taken care of. Every person has their own meaning of what makes a party comfortable, but a great host develops an ambiance that almost everyone can enjoy. It could be a lounge-like feel, casual yet glamour-filled; or it could be common and cool. Regardless, the host helps her guests understand what to expect, and then lets them roam free to mingle and be creative.

Here is a vital next factor:

2) You should feel spoiled.

Imagine someone simply assisting you with your coat when you arrive; then you are offered a drink like Twelve Beverage. Then your host comes to you with a full plate of yummy appetizers. Your good friend directs you over to the outdoor patio, where she insists you relax for a bit while she finishes up in the cooking area. You offer your assistance, however she declines. "Not a possibility," she claims. She playfully yells to go find a beverage.

Meanwhile, at the patio area your guests get comfortable on a nice outdoor sofa, which you've gotten ready with a soft cushion. More outdoor dinner party ideas on Pinterest. The sun is now setting and is starting to color up the sky beautifully. Then you put on some shades, kick back, and sip on your fancy drink.

Your host's mindset: As laid out before, from the second you walked through their door, your host has established that you will be pampered! There is a location to put your belongings (or somebody to put them somewhere for you), great drinks and food, relaxing lounge areas, and somebody to speak to while enjoying everything.

But all of that isn't good enough for a great host. He/she is always making sure you beverage is filled up, your stomach is full of appetizers, and there's always a brand-new wine bottle corked and ready to be poured. Music is playing the whole time and you never need to request for a roll of toilet paper because there's a complete basket of conveniently provided toilet paper in the restroom that's lit by a candle.

And you can indulge in the wonderful food because it was created with special diet plans in mind. Many people at this point would wonder, "How could this party get any better?"

Well, now ...

3) You're feeling a little tipsy.

You are feeling truly excellent about the party and life now.

What your host does to keep the beverages coming: She simply asks the guests: "How about another glass of wine? Would you like white or red wine? I actually have some sparkling champagne, which we could get started. Check the fridge for a favorite type of beer. And don't forget to check the full bar inside!"

Next and very important...

4) Make sure your guests are never hungry throughout the evening.

Think about offering a fancy dinner, or other times, it could just be pizza on the veranda. However, despite the type of event, make sure to have plenty of treats and fun things to nibble on such as small bowls of candy but also healthy alternatives like veggie platters readily available to satisfy the munchies. The big meal is entirely tasty, and your guests can count on a treat, such as gelato or some fantastic dark chocolate.

How to do this as a host: Don't get caught hosting a party that has too many alcoholic beverages but not enough food. Food brings people together. Individuals love to eat and consume food together, and also a great host will give plenty of possibility to indulge in that.

You don't have to worry about this being a stressful responsibility. Just get things done ahead of time so you can enjoy the party too! This could mean having small snacks or nuts out before people come. It could mean learning how to cook some simple appetizers. Trader Joe's is a must-go for those looking for affordable and fancy treats and party snacks, and they even give drink recipes on their site.

If you simply make sure that food is always available at the party, this alone will get your friends and family wanting to come back.

5) Don't let yourself be rushed.

Even though the dinner began 3 hours earlier, and now the state of mind of your guests is relaxed, this is the time when the best chats take place. Have tea and coffee ready and let the mental energy flow for great conversation! If your guests are wondering if they should head out, you say, "Of course not! Let's keep the party going."